My Reliability

You might find this hard to believe, but you haven't seen me try to act: I tend to enjoy my time with clients. If you think you're ugly or boring, I'll prove you wrong.​ London outcall escorts can seem like they want to be at home. Incall escorts may seem a little on edge.​ I'm friendly, frank, and unscripted- you're talking to me, not an escort character. I always take the time to go through what you'd like from me. If at any time you are unhappy during our time together, please tell me so I can do better. ​If after a session you are unhappy I'm more than happy to talk (by phone, email or text) about how to do better next time. If you feel I was just a bad fit (i.e. personality, looks, sexual), tell me your type and I'd be happy to refer you to other escorts I know.

Clients with Disabilities

You're horny! Or chatty, and that's where I come in. No pitying, patronising looks from me. No 'nervous to offend' tone... Before we meet I'll always ask what arrangements I can make to suit your needs. These will be reconfirmed with both yourself and your carer (if you have one, and optional) the day of our meeting. If you'd like to book me with another of the London outcall escorts, you can find a list of trusted escorts here. I'm one of the incall escorts too, with lift access to my stylish apartment (less than 5 minutes from 2 stations) with a low bed.

Nervous/ High Profile Clients

The last thing you need are nosy people, trial by Twitter or lost opportunities. Just because you want to unwind and explore and have the means to do so. Therefore, special arrangements may be necessary (i.e. I'm happy to sign an NDA), which we can discuss by phone or email. I value my privacy, and I define and build my own success. Gossip, fame and the jet-set life don't interest me.

How Do I Hire a Male Escort?

Head to my booking page or give me a call on the number at the top of this site. If I don't answer back immediately, I'll always call or text back within 15 minutes. Please have a read of my rates and the rest of these FAQs before you get in touch. Hope to hear from you soon!


Kink & Other Requests

I offer all of the kinks below on request, subject to informed consent both before and during our time together. It is your responsibility to provide any specialist equipment (i.e. paddles, costumes, harnesses). If you can't have London outcall escorts or you can't/don't have this equipment, I'd be happy to book this space at no extra charge (subject to deposit). Impact Play Corporal Punishment (trained, have equipment) Roleplay Feet Sensation Play Watersports (giving)** Hardsports (giving)** Bondage Edging Humiliation (giving) Voyeurism Exhibitionism **Extra charge.


For outcalls only, feel free to take what you like. I expect you to be sober if you want an incall, and in command of yourself before and during outcalls. Please respect that I do not take drugs myself. I will politely refuse if offered but will not take kindly to being pressured, tricked or coerced. If at any point you become incapable of consent, I will stop the booking and you will still be charged my full rate. If you become violent or unresponsive, I will leave/defend myself or call for medical help.

Female Clients/ FM-FF Couples

I won't lie, I've thought about it. I'm more than happy to meet women. Whether it's conversation with depth, a dinner or a romping roll in the sheets, I'm open. Who knows? You might just turn me.

Bareback Requests

At my discretion, I do offer bareback services (in addition to safe sex with condoms). I buy my own PREP; this protects against HIV, but not other STIs (i.e. HSV, Gonorrhoea). I also take monthly tests- at a well-run, well-funded clinic. Should a result return positive, I will contact you with my results, a referral link, and when I expect to complete my treatment. I'll be happy to answer any questions but unhappy with a disrespectful tone- if you bareback you should know the risks and accept them. I provide test dates/recent results on request. You may be anxious I'm so matter-of-fact, or feel I've lost 'value' or 'moral worth' (still not changing my rate though...), but I also hope it's refreshing. Most London outcall escorts, clients, and incall escorts skip this very important part of the conversation. If you're partnered, or your career is tied to your health, then this must be discussed. With the advent of PREP and U=U, barebacking shouldn't be stigmatised. It also needs open discussion (again, I offer safe sex with condoms). Again, if you decide to bareback, you need to know the risks and accept them.


Ideal Client

I welcome clients from all backgrounds. I don't care where you live, what you look like, or how much money you make. I'm one of the friendlier London outcall escorts (and incall escorts too). Same day bookings are preferred, and I ask of you the following: Respect (but do enjoy) my body. Respect my boundaries and no list. Respect my time.

Bad Client

If you fail to turn up to a booking (without notice) or send me to the wrong location, I will refuse to see you and report you to NUM and the escort community. London outcall escorts do talk, and so do incall escorts, so you could be blacklisted. If twice in a row you change your mind on arrival, refuse full upfront payment, become abusive, or fail to turn up to a booking (with notice), I will follow the same steps above. Any threats, theft, harassment or violence (i.e. online/street harassment, stalking, theft/stiffed payment, and physical/sexual violence) will be reported to the police as well as NUM and the escort community. I'm entirely prepared to reveal my legal name in any criminal proceedings, so this is not something to challenge me on.

No List

Race play Underage (real or imagined) Car dates Outdoor dates Hardsports (receiving) Watersports (receiving) Voreing Bukkake Rimming Stealthing Forced/RP Gift Giving

Rates & Booking

I offer both Outcalls and Incalls, my rate upfront in Cash, Ca$happ or iZettle. Do not haggle, I find this disrespectful. I value what I do very much and set my rates with fairness in mind. If you're a proven regular, we can discuss down the line. I will not travel anywhere without your full address and live GPS location (kept on throughout the journey). To meet at your hotel, I'll need your check-in name and room number. I'll then call the hotel to confirm your room before I leave (do let me know if the hotel lift is keycarded). For parties, you'll need to arrange all attendees. I've a friend I recommend on request, but only once everything else is confirmed. Any booking exceeding 4 hours, or requested arrival after 2am or last train, will incur my overnight rate. Overnights end at 08.00am unless agreed in advance, though I'm often happy to stay a couple hours for a morning romp and chat. For planned travel exceeding 90 minutes, there is a £15 charge per additional half hour (time rounded up to the full hour). For travel outside London, or after last train, I will expect a taxi for the journey there and back or deposit upfront to cover train fares (I do have a Railcard so remind me).


Can we film our session?

Of course! Just head here to let me know in advance. I have a hosting space, professional ring light, 3 cameras and 3 tripods. I do my own video editing and can edit in as little as 2 hours.

What is it like to film with you?

Well like I say in my homepage I'm friendly! We'll have a discussion about your yeses, YESES and nos beforehand. When hosting I'm showered in advance. For outcalls I'll shower before I set off or ask to use yours. As for the filming, it's mostly like regular sex. I may sometimes ask for a position where the cameras can see 'things' better, or otherwise reposition the cameras during. These small interuptions are usually edited out but are sometimes left in- like when the casting couch broke from vigorous activity! Most videos online are quite graphic or violent these days, but I tend to the gentler side of things. That said the video can be however you like it, just as long as we discus as mentioned above.

Do I have to show my face?

Of course not! I'm happy to edit out your face and tattoos, and I can disguise your voice if you're really nervous.

Do you work with studios/ Do freelance video editing?

I do! I know several performers who can vouch for me and I have the standard (if boring) 'studio body'. I am available for studio work or use of my flat for filming. For these studio enquires please email

Where will my video go? Can I keep it private?

I reserve the right to publish portions or the entirety of the video on adult media platforms (both physical and virtual). For example, this would include my JustForFans. Please note that once the video is out there it should be assumed it is there forever. Videos can be screenshot and pirated. If you'd like a private video, you can request one here. Regarding piracy, I may be more lenient should I be credited (i.e. link to my site/JustForFans) in a nonderogatory manner (i.e. no racism, homophobia, slut-shaming, doxxing). That said, I may still follow up piracy cases, subject to my own research and local privacy/revenge porn laws.

I'm a Performer and I want to "Make Content Together". Anything I should know?

Please shower and 'prepare' in prep for the shoot, or ask for extra time/use of facilities beforehand. You'll need to sign a 2257 form and supply 2 forms of ID before filming begins. You'll need to show your face on camera, else agree to edit the video yourself. All promotional materials, including at Point of Sale, must watermark to this link: You'll also need to name/link/tag me in all posts/reposts of the video in digital/analog/print marketing channels (onsite/offsite SEO, social media, Email, Paid Advertising). Go to Services for my 'No List', and pelase respect it. I will also respect yours. If you cancel before meeting twice in a row, use abusive/discriminatory/threatening language, or arrive/I arrive to you (once) in no condition to perform or consent, I will cancel the shoot and refuse to film with you again.